Living around the buildings of New York has given me an appreciation for the beauty of architecture. Not only the skyscrapers, but also the smaller buildings all have their unique charm.

New York City Architecture
New York City Skyline

Here are a few resources that I recommend for anyone interested in NYC and architecture.

Daytonian in Manhattan
For those of you who aren't just amazed at the beautiful architechture of NYC but also wonder about the historical significance of the buildings, this site is highly recommended.

Scouting NY
This is a site by a professional location scout who does most of his work in NYC. It's not necessarily about architecture, but many of his jobs are indirectly associated with it. His attention to detail often results in me learning new things about buildings I thought I already knew well.


My approach to music is one song at a time. I periodically look around for new songs that catch my attention right off the bat. I listen to them for a little while and then add the ones I like to my music library. Here are some of my latest finds.

For more of the music I love, check out my soundcloud playlists:


I enjoy traveling. I have been to much of the United States and many of the European countries. I recently visited Norway for the first time. It was winter and very cold, but it was a beautiful place nonetheless.
My visit to Norway consisted of visiting a friend in Oslo and also spending a week in his family's mountain cabin...


A few years ago, I had the opportunity to take a wine making course. The entire process took around 9 months to complete, and was a great learning experience. One of the nicest parts was being able to drink a wine that I made with my own hands!


In addition to listening to and discovering new music, I also enjoy playing the drums.